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What is the "CPS" test?

CPS is the abbreviation of English ‘clicks per second’ , which indicates the number of clicks per second.

Why do we provide this test?

Whether many games can achieve good results has a greater relationship with the player's click speed. We aim to help players test their click speed. You can also practice click skills here to achieve higher achievements in the game.

How to improve click speed?

1. There are many ways to excel at high-speed mouse clicks. One of the most obvious is regular exercise.
2. Learning new click techniques and practicing them can bring you incredible results. Over time, your hands will develop the best technology on their own.

The most common click techniques in games

Normal Click Just like when you work on a PC, just click. This is natural and easy to do, but not very fast - ordinary players can use this method to achieve the highest click speed of 5-7 CPS.