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About 1-second space bar speed test

Do you want to know how fast you can press the space bar? Find out now with this simple space bar speed test. Everyone's average click speed is 6cps. Let's test your own speed. Is it above average or below average? Space bar speed test is an online test to evaluate the click frequency of your space bar. The rule of this test is very simple. Beat your space bar constantly and with high frequency (please don't worry, nowadays most keyboards are very firm and can't be broken). Hold on until the end of the timer to see the result. If you feel great, don't forget to challenge your friends!

Why do you need the space bar speed test?

In many games, the space bar is used to control the characters to jump and climb. If you have far more control over the space bar than your opponent, you will be able to avoid your opponent flexibly, and then beat him mercilessly to win the game. If you are not confident enough about your space clicking speed, come here and start training your fingers, leaving your opponent far behind.

How to test the speed of space bar

1. Select the space bar test in the menu.
2. Click the click range with the mouse, but it hasn't started yet.
3. Just press the space bar as fast as you can, and don't worry about the time error, because when you press the space bar for the first time, the timing starts.
4. After the timing is over, you can see your click speed and number of clicks.

How to improve the click speed of space?

There's a trick to get a higher space bar counter result. The trick is simple, you need to use two fingers instead of one. One finger will press the space bar half-way, while the other finger will click the space bar continuously. Because this can greatly shorten the fluctuation degree of clicks. Although you can get extremely high results in this way, most scenes in games are pressed by thumb. The above is just a little reference. The best way is to keep practicing, and you will naturally know how to click faster.