One of the 10 best auto clickers for Android in 2022

Macrorify – Image Auto Clicker is one of Android’s 10 best auto clickers in 2022. Is the simple click function not enough for you? Then you need to download an auto clicker with comprehensive features. This article introduces a 2022 auto clicker app for mobile that has powerful features.

The results of the test for Macrorify – Image Auto Clicker are shown in the picture

Auto clicker app features many functions, including text recognition, image detection, etc. The free auto clicker has beginner’s tutorials and several languages. The auto clicker can personalize the interface. The auto clicker is free but has ads. On the whole, it is a helpful clicker with various functions and relatively stable performance.

In addition to the clicker function, Macrorify has the following features

1. Image Detection

   Auto Clicker detects images when they appear. Multiple images can be seen in succession and multiple triggers can be linked together to create complex conditional logic statements.

2.Text recognition

 Recognizes text on the screen and performs tasks as instructed

3. Personalization

  Create your custom UI and optional scripts

4. Recording and replay

   The configuration of the recording mode can be freely edited, mixed, and matched in any order, and played at different speeds and intervals.

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