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Master Auto Click

Version: v1.2.41 Android version Size: 17.6M

The Master Automatic Percussion Software is a very user-friendly clicker that allows users to click automatically with millisecond-level speed—thousands of times faster than using their hands. It is also very powerful and easy to use.  

Introduction to Master Auto Click App

In the click machine, the automatic click machine randomly sets the click position, click frequency, swipe gesture, etc. It also performs complex tasks through gesture recording, supports multiple modes, and makes it possible for people with disabilities to read entertainment and other content on mobile devices.

Advantages of Master Auto Click for Android

Storage and recycling in real-time. Click the script to save the recording, then use it the next time you visit. The following time you utilize it, there is no need to record again.

One key start for speed. It may be utilized in global applications without requiring root access, and the captured gestures can be used immediately in the floating window.

Automatic operation with acceleration. To free up the user’s hands, record clicks or swipes whenever, and anywhere you want. Enables continuous click acceleration, and the click frequency and interval can be readily adjusted.

Personalize settings, and set your favorite automatic clicks. Quick Sets, Multiple Controls, Multiple Click Actions, Click Order, Interval, and Repeats are all settings you can make.

Gesture recording with several features. Record different movements, and support additional unusual motions like single-clicking on the screen, clicking repeatedly, clicking and swiping simultaneously, etc. It can successfully fulfill the needs of each application situation.

Software Benefit

You can do difficult jobs with the aid of gesture recording, which also supports a variety of working environments in games and apps.

The clicker’s click position, click frequency, and swiping gesture can all be set randomly by auto-click.

To assist users in creating a variety of gaming scripts rapidly, Auto Click Master features script wizard, auto-response, auto order grab, auto refresh, auto-like auto login, auto key, etc.