Hurricane Auto Clicker-Free and Safe Download

Hurricane Auto Clicker

Version: v1.1.9 Android version Size: 26.0M

A fully automatic clicker with various functions is the Hurricane Auto Clicker app. You can free up your hands when playing games by using it to open multiple pieces of software simultaneously. You can establish a variety of functions and carry out some straightforward tasks because it enables custom editing. It is incredibly convenient to utilize this APP because it fulfills all of its practical purposes and outcomes.

Introducing Hurricane Auto Clicker’s official version.

A useful analog clicker that aids in both clicking and swiping is called Hurricane Auto Clicker. It is an accelerator that works with Android phones and can take the place of your hands to help you click on the phone’s UI. The click location, click frequency, swipe gesture, and other functions can all be customized. For many click-based games and apps, a click speed of 200 times per second—ten times faster than a manual click—is particularly helpful.

Features of the software

Easy to use and quick to start

Does not need ROOT rights and is simple to utilize in global apps.

Gesture recording

Most Android users can free up their hand’s thanks to the automatic clicker, which can record your gesture to complete tasks.

Versatile and does not take up memory

It has the ability to construct a variety of useful games and application auxiliary scripts. The tiny size doesn’t take up the phone’s memory. It supports a variety of motions, including single-point screen clicks, circular clicks with multiple points, and click-and-slide combinations.

One-click activation and real-time saving;

Set operation instructions with a single click, store the click script and apply it again the next time to get the ideal click effect.

Multi-touch, auxiliary simulation;

The click sequence, time interval, and a number of repetitions can all be customized.