How to Get and Use Android Auto Clicker 2022 Free?

Auto Clicker download 2022. 

Auto Clicker can apply in many ways, as an auto-click tool. There are many auto clickers free on the market.

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If you are bored by the frequent clicking of the game, you can download the clicker to help you complete the task.

How to install Auto Clicker on a mobile phone and use it?

First, select a Clicker in Google Play, and install it.


Second, authorize accessibility services and enable whitelisting.

The clicker will only work if accessibility services are available.

After turning on the whitelist, the automatic clicker can always run in the background and will not crash suddenly.

If your phone freezes or becomes unusable, you can restart your phone. Turning on the whitelist can prevent this from happening.

Turn on accessibility services, as shown in the pictures.

Turn on the whitelist, as shown in the figure

Third, set the configuration options according to your needs.

You can choose to set the parameters of the click on the home page of the automatic click and then start to click. Even after starting, you can change configuration parameters in the floating window.

Finally, choose a click mode and click Start

After clicking start, the icon of click and a floating window will appear. You can choose the game or other software to click on. You can drag the click target to wherever you want to tap. The floating window has many functions, and you can use it to set the parameters of the click and control the start or end of the click.