The fasted clicker-speed auto clicker

Do you feel that the automatic clicker you are using is not fast enough? Especially in the process of playing the game, if you want to get a high score and finish the task quickly, high-speed auto-clicking is necessary. If you prefer an auto clicker that both have speed and performance at the same time, a speed auto clicker is an excellent choice because it can click up to 50,000 CPS. Besides clicking faster than others, this clicker has many unique advanced features. Its features and uses are described in detail below.

The best features of the speed auto clicker

speed auto clicker

Two different click modes——–hold and toggle

Hold: In this mode, you must hold down the key to generate a click; when you leave the key, it stops clicking.

Toggle: In this mode, clicks need to be started and stopped by pressing a hotkey. Use this mode when you don’t want to use the mouse to start or stop clicking. Because the hotkey is easy to operate, the mouse can do other operations.

Click duty cycle——Avoiding detection

To prevent cheating, many game systems detect automatic clickers. But this advanced feature allows the auto-clicker to click like a human. With the Click duty cycle, The set number of clicks remains the same, but the time interval between each click changes randomly. This change prevents automatic clickers from being detected by the system. This is a very friendly function.

Choose apps——Specify the APP to click

Clicker supports selected software to click, this function can prevent accidental clicking to other software.

Two language options——-German and English

The clickers on the market are basically in English, but this one also supports German.

Random click rate———Avoiding detection

If you don’t know what click rate to set or are too lazy to set it, you can choose a random click rate. This feature can also help avoid game clicks.

The uses of speed auto clicker

1. These advanced features are helpful in computer tasks that require a lot of repetitive mouse clicks. Especially in clicking games like Cookie Clickers, Roblox, Free Fire, Minecraft, Runescape, Adventure Capitalist, etc

2. Users can also use the auto-clicker for tasks that are time-critical, such as grabbing tickets or making last-second bids on shopping platforms. Speed Auto clicker can be used wherever you need to click.

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