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Climate: Auto Clicker Macro records your custom action and can easily repeat it. If the click function alone can’t accomplish your task, then you can try the best auto clicker app with record mode. When some complex tasks require a human operation, is it impossible to use the auto clicker games? No, there is also a record mode to help you save energy. Climate: Auto Clicker Macro is a free auto clicker that can record your gesture. Its evaluation results are shown in the figure. The more stars, the better the performance in this area.

Different from other automatic clickers, the auto clicker app not only has the function of clicking but also has special functions such as recording and playback of touch input. It has three modes in total.

Climate: Auto Clicker Macro

The first simple function – is manual mode. The manual mode is helpful for applications, especially games, where you can customize the configuration to help you complete the task. You can also set the tap and swipe position, interval time, and the number of loops.

The second function – is record mode. This app has a built-in navigation bar that records your actions such as back, menus, and screenshots, and can reproduce your actions easily. There is no limit to the number of repetitions, and this mode does not require root.

The last one is the combined mode. In this mode, you can use combinators to connect recordings and make advanced settings for speed, delay, and repeat. Recordings can create shortcuts to launch your recordings faster, right from your home screen.

On top of that, it also supports Tasker and MacroDroid. Climate’s tasker plugin can increase your productivity, it also allows you to create custom automation processes in tasker or Macrodroid!

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